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The Best Glamping Sites in Cyprus

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Who’s Ready for a Glamping Getaway?

Indeed, you’ve got it right – it’s time for glamping! This extraordinary escapade combines the best of both worlds: the opulence of glamour with the rustic charm of camping, and we’re thrilled to share 5 exclusive spots for those captivated by the notion of an unconventional holiday.

Embrace the summer with a twist at Anatura, where camping evolves into a luxurious affair. Set in the scenic Anarita village in Paphos, close to the whispering waves of the sea, Anatura introduces a serene glamping experience. Here, comfort intertwines with the raw beauty of nature, offering stays in authentic Mongolian yurts. These yurts provide a tranquil haven for up to 11 guests, with the flexibility to accommodate up to 16 upon request. The highlight is Aliya, a newly introduced yurt designed for groups of four, promising an immersive nature retreat.

Agros Glamping redefines the island’s camping scene with its chic, nomadic lifestyle offering in the quaint village of Agros, Limassol. Perfect for those who dream of luxuriating under the stars or witnessing the majestic cycle of sunsets and moonrises, this glamping spot boasts a lavish setup. Equipped with modern amenities including a fully functional kitchen, cozy dining area, and an inviting outdoor jacuzzi, it promises an unparalleled glamping adventure amidst the verdant countryside. For a unique stay in a bubble-igloo, look no further.

Venture into the heart of nature at Cyprus Glamping Park, located on the serene Pentschoinos Beach in Agios Theodoros, Larnaca. A mere 7-minute stroll from the sea, this glamping park is dotted with charming wooden cabins suitable for families or groups of four. Each cabin, spanning around 40 square meters, features a cozy bedroom, kitchenette, and living space with a sofa bed, ensuring a comfortable and intimate connection with the surrounding natural beauty.

Discover the wonders of GreenLand, a comprehensive theme park nestled in Eptagoneia village, Limassol, offering an array of activities and amenities for a memorable glamping experience. From child-friendly attractions and barbecue areas to a tranquil spa and scenic fishing pond, GreenLand caters to all ages and interests. The highlight is the luxurious glamping house, available for €240 per day, including breakfast, pool access, and private facilities, ensuring a lavish escape into nature’s embrace.

Nestled in the tranquility of Kato Drys, Larnaca, Nirvana Spiritual Farm is a hidden gem for those seeking a blend of romance and nature. Comprising two interconnected yurts surrounded by lush organic gardens, it offers a secluded getaway. With amenities to ensure comfort and panoramic windows for breathtaking views, Nirvana promises a unique glamping experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the peacefulness of the countryside.

In the heart of Paphos, in the village of Sarama, discover a trio of authentic Mongolian yurts and a quaint wooden house, offering a distinctive glamping experience. Each yurt is thoughtfully furnished with private facilities, ensuring a blend of privacy and comfort amidst nature. Guests can enjoy the expansive views, complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast, and the option to explore the surroundings on a rented bicycle, making for an unforgettable adventure.

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